Student selection is based on dependable attendance, a cooperative attitude, and work ethic. All Adult Education students, literacy, ABE, GED, ESL, etc. are eligible.

Student NAEHS members never pay dues, their only obligation is to encourage family members and others to take advantage of the local Adult Education program. Some NAEHS members take this very seriously and become excellent Adult Education ambassadors.

Adult Education Honor Society members will receive a letter of recommendation for employment from their NAEHS chapter, an NAEHS membership certificate and pin during the school's induction ceremony.

The induction ceremony may be part of a formal graduation exercise or a separate ceremony.

NAEHS members have an advantage on job applications and promotions due to NAEHS recommendation.

Some Adult Education directors arrange for NAEHS members to speak to at-risk high-schoolers about staying in school, share best Adult Education practices with practitioners, serve on Adult Education advisory councils, etc

The NAEHS induction gives practitioners a chance to showcase their program to administrators, deans, board members, the press and students' family members.

NAEHS charter encourages ten new members each year; however, NAEHS will issue a charter for a region that includes more than one AE program for schools that have difficulty recognizing ten students a year due to small enrollments.

Programs document WIA mandates and/or recruitment/retention quality indicators on grant proposals with NAEHS activities.